Jul 3rd

Changing the Association – Youth Share Experiences and Lesson Learned in youth Development Programs

Libby Redda, Pacific Science Center, and Jeremy Martinez, National Aquarium. 2011 ASTC Annual Conference

ASTC recently began sharing students’ research and experiences at the Annual Conference to expand the role of youth and strengthen the connections between ASTC and the youth programs. At the 2011 conference, ASTC held a student session to allow youth to hear their voices and the voices of their peers.

Youth development programs have grown in popularity and variety, with one constant being the positive impact they have on the lives of the participants. During this immersive conference session lead by the director of the New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences (NJAAS), presentations were made by the manager of NJAAS and youth participants ages 15-20 from Philadelphia Zoo, NEW JERSEY ACADEMY FOR AQUATIC SCIENCES, NATIONAL AQUARIUM, BALTIMORE, PACIFIC SCIENCE CENTER of MAYA! Regonal Network.  Their presentations focused on personal experiences, lessons learned, recruitment, and the overall changes in individual lives.

With participating youth and program alumni in attendance, students and ASTC members were able to expand their network to not only science centers, but to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals in their communities and beyond.

More information about ASTC annual conference : Conference Website

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