Jun 7th

Weekly Science Program – Duluth Children’s Museum

The Duluth Children’s Museum in Duluth, Minnesota has a number of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)-focused programs for children.

"Dino Lab" in which the children learned how a paleontologist might make a grid map of a digsite.

Programs like Dino Lab, STEMtastic, and Nano Science offer hands-on activities with the goal to inspire youth to pursue science. The programs are open to all ages and offer a wide range of STEM experiences and inquiry based activities that are geared to develop critical thinking skills.

Last year, nearly 36,400 students participated in the museum’s STEM programming and awareness of the museum in the community increased. In May 2012, the museum moved into a larger facility. The museum installed several new, highlighted exhibits in the new facility in order to expand the STEM related activities. A permanent dinosaur dig site has been installed, along with a nano-science exhibit, which has allowed the museum to develop a broad range of activities dealing with nano-technology.

microscope activity from our Nano Science program.

The Duluth Children’s Museum also has STEM programming in three of its outreach programs; Math Through Puzzles and Games, Sound Unwound, and Dig Site Investigators. The Duluth community regularly engages in museum events as well.

For more information about Weekly science program,visit the program : Hompage

Contact : Peter Jacobsen

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