Jun 7th

Youth Teaching Youth – Natural History Museum of Utah

The Natural History Museum of Utah in Salt Lake City began its 19th annual Youth Teaching Youth (YTY) program in the fall of 2012. The YTY program is a science outreach and enrichment program open to middle and high school students. In the program, which lasts through the school year and into the summer, students teach science while working toward personal and academic goals through a variety of enrichment and team-building activities.

High school interns doing research in the field with museum biologists

The YTY middle school students teach local 4th grade science classes while the high school students serve as program interns, with duties such as training new middle school student teachers and assisting classroom teachers with youth workshops and summer camps. New internship roles last year included creating a “wall exhibit” at the museum featuring YTY activities, collaborating with University of Utah graduate students in a 5-day Nano Summer Institute, engaging in field research with museum scientists, and planning and facilitating activities for the LEAP Into Science program, a national pilot expansion program that integrates science and children’s literature.

High school intern interacting with a young visitor at a LEAP partnership activity

The Natural History Museum of Utah has worked to expand internship and leadership roles for high school participants, and supported students as they make decisions about their futures, including post-high school education. This effort helps students clarify their own interests and develop skills that can transfer into future endeavors. The program also helps students develop a resume, work on interview skills, and explore college opportunities. More than 600 youth participated in the YTY program last year and many continue to study and teach science while working toward college and career goals.

For more information about Weekly science program,visit the program : Hompage

Contact : Linda Gillis

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