May 18th

Youth@Bruce TEDx Event – The Olympic Spirit: Capturing the Moment

On March 31, 2012, Youth@ Bruce held its second Tedx event, “The Olympic Spirit: Capturing the Moment,” which brought together the vision, philosophy, and creed of the Olympic spirit through inspirational speakers, leading up to the opening of the museum’s new exhibition, The Games. The first of two complementary exhibitions celebrating this summer’s 30th Olympiad in London, The Games showcases modern sports in an interactive Science Gallery exhibition that premieres SuperBodies, a cutting-edge 3D animation and original video production presented in both big screen video and mobile app game formats, illustrating the impact that various sports have on athletes. By peeling away human skin to reveal anatomically precise muscles, ligaments and bones in action, SuperBodies vividly depicts the physiological dynamics that drive athletic performance. Produced by Peacepoint Entertainment for Canadian television and exclusively licensed to the Bruce Museum for this exhibition, these videos feature summer Olympic sports including the 100-meter dash, triathlon, and balance beam, and include commentary from Greg Wells, Ph.D., a scientist and physiologist who works with elite athletes.

In addition to this cutting-edge technology, The Games will feature hands-on exploratory stations featuring authentic sporting equipment and Olympic Games athletic gear including wrestling uniforms, boxing gloves, javelins, and protective devices, as well as timing and other devices to test participants’ strength and reaction times.  Also on view will be pins and collector memorabilia from past Olympic Games.

The Olympic spirit of the Museum will be celebrated in full when The Games is joined by the exhibition The Olympic Games: Art, Culture & Sport, which opened in the main galleries on May 12 and runs through September 2, 2012. The Games exhibition was developed in collaboration with the Bruce Museum’s youth committee Youth@Bruce.

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